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Public Art Mentoring Project

An introduction to public art commssioning 

Public art is a rapidly growing area within the creative industries, there are opportunities with the public and  private sector, with budgets ranging from $50,000 to $1m+. But this area of practice is notoriously demanding for everyone involved. These commissions can be very challenging in a number of ways and can be overwhelming for unexperienced artists. Currently there are very few practical training or development opportunities for artists wishing to work in permanent public art.

T Projects are passionate about the development of artists as creative professionals. We are currently developing a public art mentoring scheme that brings together leading sector professionals involved in the development and delivery of public art. Together with our very special project partners, we are planning to deliver a series of presentations to share perspectives from all the specialisms invovled in public art commissioning.

These presentations are being specially developed for artists who wish to develop their practice and expand their work within the public realm. Each specialism will showcase some of the public art projects they have been involved with along with their experiences and perspectives.

We are incredibly excited to be working with the some of the very best in the business. We are so proud to present key players invovled in public art commissioning including a major public art commissioner; representatives of design teams including - architects, landscape architects, public art curator. Then we have the makers - the fabricators and the engineers. To round off the skills commissioned artists need - we have a specialist creative industries lawyer and the best creative industries business coach in Australia.

Project Partners

Meet The Experts

Further Information for Artists

This Public Art Mentoring Project has been designed for artists with little or no public art experience.

The presentations will take place over eight weeks throughout May and June 2023, days and time to be confirmed.

Specialist pesentations will be followed by Q&A sessions.

All project partners are participating on a pro bono basis.

To keep the project managable and impactful we are keeping numbers small to maximise the benefit of this knowledge sharing exchange.

Interested artists will be able to apply to participate via this webpage, application form will be added in due course.

More information coming soon...

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