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Public Art Mentors
Arup - Engineers  

Arup has a long history of collaborating with artists on the concept, creation and production of their works. While we are best known for our large-scale engineering feats, the firm has made valuable contributions to an equally rich array of artworks. Our expertise in technical disciplines – acoustics, multimedia and lighting design, 3D sound and visualisation,  structural and mechanical engineering, geotechnics, and more – allows us to provide practical insight throughout the life of a project. We have provided a full range of services, from concept through to installation, operation, and documentation, for works ranging from a 60m tall titanium sculpture to a multichannel sound piece in the middle of a busy subway station. Many of our staff members have found their way to the firm via their own creative pursuits; working closely with artists is a natural and rewarding extension of our other services.

The Arup engineering presentation will be deleivered by a panel of specialists from acrosss the company. Panel members are as follows

Nick Adams

Nick is a multidisciplinary design engineer with a focus on buildings and spaces with people at their heart. Nick leads Arup Melbourne’s arts and culture, sports and health portfolios.


Sean McGinn

Sean enthusiastically leads multidisciplinary design teams to deliver remarkable projects using advanced technology. A passionate advocate for technological research, he has a particular interest in using new and emerging technologies to add real value to clients and contractors, including streamlining project delivery and integration of BIM, parametric design, optimisation, mixed reality and design for manufacture/construction.  


Charmaine Kasselman

Charmaine is a senior project manager at Arup and over the last two years has been seconded to Cross Yarra Partnership managing the Legacy Artwork Program on the Melbourne Metro Tunnel.


Chris Hube

Chris is a motivated and strategic built environment professional educated in Architecture and Building Science (building envelope building physics) and post-graduate studies in energy and environmental with an ability to relate and lead people to achieve business and client goals. 


Clare Xu

Clare is a Senior AV Consultant at Arup is passionate about the use of innovative technology to design spaces that are inclusive, future-proof and capable of creating meaningful social impact. She works across various industries including education, commercial, health and infrastructure.

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