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Public Art Mentors
Elishia Whitchurch 

Arup has a long history of collaborating with artists on the concept, creation and production of their works. While we are best known for our large-scale engineering feats, the firm has made valuable contributions to an equally rich array of artworks. Our expertise in technical disciplines – acoustics, multimedia and lighting design, 3D sound and visualisation,  structural and mechanical engineering, geotechnics, and more – allows us to provide practical insight throughout the life of a project. We have provided a full range of services, from concept through to installation, operation, and documentation, for works ranging from a 60m tall titanium sculpture to a multichannel sound piece in the middle of a busy subway station. Many of our staff members have found their way to the firm via their own creative pursuits; working closely with artists is a natural and rewarding extension of our other services.

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