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Public Art Mentors
George Huon

George is a principal of BKK with 20 years’ experience in architecture and urban design. He takes hands-on leadership roles in BKK projects that are cultural, urban-design, masterplanning, infrastructure and public.

George also has a background and qualification in fine arts and has led BKK collaborations with artists. These include Wellspring, Our Tree House and The Welcome Arch, all with Louise Paramor.

As well, George’s design work for the new Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre has included incorporating a stained-glass window from a demolished local arts facility.

George has substantial experience with complex user groups and multiple client structures, and a good knowledge of government and authority requirements. This helps him navigate the processes involved in bringing public art to fruition.

BKK Architects is a Melbourne-based practice of 26 people established in 2000. 

They deliver projects that are public, multi-residential, cultural and educational. These range in size from individual homes to exhibition spaces and major infrastructure.

Playfulness, social and community connections, leadership and advocacy define the BKK approach.

Some recent high-profile projects have included the 2020 ACMI Renewal at Federation Square and new railway stations for Lilydale, Mooroolbark and Merinda Park. The Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre, a completely new build, is currently under construction. All incorporate art.

BKK Architects actively seek out projects that bring opportunities to team up, whether it’s with artists, exhibition designers, user experience experts or other architects. Many BKK projects have involved collaborating with artists and art commissioners and advocating to ensure public artworks are integrated and constructed with excellence.

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