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Guiding Principles for 2022

As we go into another unusual year... two years into the ongoing cluster-f that no one really saw coming and it seems like a long hard road ...that is never ending. But we have to keep learning, growing and improving. I have been incredibly blessed throughout my life to have had amazing jobs; (mostly) supportive, positive colleagues and now my own company with an outstanding team, who I am hugely grateful for every day; amazing clients, with whom we are able to create great outcomes.

At the end, or start, of each year I like to reflect on what the last year taught me, so here's what I'm taking forward into 2022 for what it's worth.

No egos - I’m not interested in listening to people who waffle on about global domination or how big their company is. Get over yourself

Keep it professional - I do what I do, really well, because I love art and I've got a lot of experience. I’ve been doing it a long time and I work really, really hard. I am a professional. This is not my hobby, I’m not a bored housewife & I get paid

No bullying - some have tried but it didn’t work out well for them in the long run. I will never accept bullying of myself, my team or the artists we work with, and I will rise up to fight this pathetic behaviour, every time, anytime, anyplace, any country, any setting. Come and have a go if you really think it's worth it

Play the long game - I’m all about great outcomes & legacies, not “quick wins” & column inches. Today’s news is forgotten tomorrow, but great, well considered public art and strategies will be around for decades and will be remembered

No suffering fools ...gladly or otherwise - I won't go into details, they know who they are, and I am not having a bar of it

We’ll work with you, but not for you - big, HUGE difference and leads to a better experience for all, but most importantly - much better outcomes for all

Ethics & morals - remain firmly in place, no friends, no family, no conflicts of interests, no back handers, no blind eye and no favours. Please don’t ask me to bend on this as my response, and delivery, may offend

No bullshit - like really NONE, none given, none taken. If you don’t like that I can suggest alternative people to try this on with

No excuses, if you make a commitment, stick to it.

No sexism - at all, ever. I can't believe I'm still having to say this... it’s SO old hat, (all bar one) we are a team of very strong women & we have no time for misogynistic bullshit

Respect - if you can’t or won’t show mutual respect, there’s really no viable no way forward, so let’s not waste anyone’s time

Listen - listening is not waiting for your turn to speak. We cannot generate great, outstanding things without deep listening, mutual respect & understanding

No magic wands - Public art and creative strategies, can accomplish many things but they are not the cure all for project problems. They will not solve your stakeholder relationship issues; they will not distract public focus for other shortcomings; they will not act as a greenwash. They can’t wash away past sins, or achieve world peace, or any other global problems

Final rule - #paytheartist, art is not a hobby or a past time for myself, my team or the artists we work with. We are professionals and we are paid. I will never ask an artist to work for free and I will not support any initiative or organisation that does not pay artists. I will always speak out about this no matter how uncomfortable that can be


Note - we will be sharing more blog posts on the fair payment of artists throughout the coming year, stay tuned

Victoria Jones

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