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Sharon Givoni

Sharon Givoni is an experienced commercial and intellectual property lawyer who has special expertise in the area of public art installations and murals. Her legal expertise covers intellectual property law, commercial law, defamation law, employment and she is also called upon by clients to resolve disputes. 

Her firm’s motto is “turn your ideas into assets” because this is what they do.  She has a strong focus on taking a proactive approach ensuring that artists and creative businesses protect their livelihood and their ideas. 

Sharon is also well-known for a book she published called “Owning It: A Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law” which is extensively illustrated and has been very popular amongst universities, creative businesses and artists. It covers all areas of IP Law and has almost sold out. She is also the General Editor of the Intellectual Property Law Bulletin and Internet Law Bulletin (published by LexisNexis Butterworths).

Sharon is a qualified lawyer but also holds a post graduate diploma in Commercial Law and is a trade mark attorney. She is an active member of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Committee within the Law Institute of Victoria. 

She strives to make the law accessible by presenting in a way that people can understand.

Sharon has a wide range of expertise, including drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts related to public art projects, advising artists on how to protect their copyright through ownership and licensing agreements, and providing guidance on moral rights law.

She also negotiates favourable payment terms, allowing for contingencies to ensure fair compensation for artists and addressing potential issues that may arise during the creation process.

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