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Craig Guthrie

Craig Guthrie


Craig is a landscape architect and urban designer with 25 years' experience working in Melbourne, China and the Middle East.
He is passionate about cities and how they function and are lived in. Improving movement and liveability are driving forces in his approach to large scale master planning, as well as the detailed design of spaces and streets.
Craig is well known for his work in urban transport having worked on many successful city shaping projects. He believes that improved transport systems that are coordinated with land use planning objectives, can be catalysts for development and renewal. At a local scale, Craig’s approach to the design of streets, and precincts prioritises the needs of people - walking, cycling, and taking public transport. He is committed to the notion that good design unlocks the potential of place by increasing the capacity of urban streets - providing multi-dimensional spaces for a variety of activities which support urban life.

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