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Jade Oakley
Caroline Springs


T Projects recently led a major public artist commission on behalf of our client City of Melton.

Second Nature by artist Jade Oakley is a sculpture inspired by the patterns of growth in nature, and how these patterns are echoed in the growth of a community. It consists of two elements; etched patterns in the pathways and a sculptural form that provides a central-point for visitors – a place of shelter and play at the heart of The Avenue Park.

Drawings gathered during community art workshops have been etched into the pathways leading up to the playground, where the main sculptural element is situated. These drawings tell the story of growth, progressively changing from growth patterns found in nature to the pattern of community growth through the drawings of maps.

The work is the first in a series of artistic responses to rapid change in demographics, social cohesion, and cultural identity of the city.

Image courtesy of the artist

Artist - Jade Oakley
Client - Melton City Council

Second Nature Art Launch 17.jpg
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