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Rose Nolan


T Projects worked with the South Eastern Program Alliance to deliver the integrated art commission for Hallam Station. Working closely with the design team and City of Casey Council, T Projects developed the brief; sourced a long list of potential artists; led the arts assessment and procurement processes and assisted the shortlisted artists throughout concept design delivery.


Titled YOU/ME/US/HERE/NOW, the public artwork on the underside of the rail bridge is a playful, collective and unifying refrain that draws on the notion of shared journeys and the experience of travel and movement, using the literal concept of transport connections (elevated parallel tracks, shared platforms, timetables) to consider the more abstract idea of connections to people, place, culture, past and present. Created by renowned artist Rose Nolan, YOU/ME/US/HERE/NOW is an open, positive and bold text-based proposition for people to consider as they move through the portal of Hallam Station. The work acknowledges the daily passage of commuters as they move through space and time, transitioning between public and private worlds. It takes into consideration the beauty and language of the architectural design, the activation of public space and the significant role the new Hallam Station plays within the community. The commission complements the new station’s modern architectural design and provides an open, positive and unifying centre piece that draws on the notion of shared journeys and the experience of travel and movement. The bi-directional nature of the commuter’s travel is reflected in the repeated phrase appearing underneath the rail bridge, in opposite directions.

Pho­to credit Chris­t­ian Capurro

Artist - Rose Nolan represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery

Client - Level Crossing Removal Project

Project Team - South Eastern Program Alliance with Hassell

Local Council - City of Casey
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