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City of Wyndham


T Projects are leading the development and delivery of an ambitious 10 year public art plan for our client, the City of Wyndham. This extensive project includes a full review of all City of Wyndham public art and collections policies, strategies, collection management and processes. We have also undertaken a review of all Victorian council's public art policies and plans.

More widely we have done a global review of public art benchmarking, before carrying out a SWOT, risks and mitigation analysis. Once the strategy is drafted, we will undertake an extensive internal and external consultation before we finalise and launch the 10 year plan.

Wyndham City has a dynamic contemporary public art program that focuses on creative celebration of place, culture, environment, and community. Public art plays a vital role in making the city a vibrant, creative, and engaging place to live and work and has the potential to express the community, their values, strengths, diversity and to generate debate and discussion. Public art also has enormous potential to attract cultural tourism and can play a vital role in the economic recovery from the impacts of the pandemic and future growth. The 10 year Public Art Plan aims to develop an ambitious world class public art program for the coming decade.

T Projects are dedicated to developing strategies and policies which are people and place responsive. We undertook a number of community consultation initiatives, including online in person feedback sessions and an online survey, to find out what kinds of public art the Wyndham community like and what they would like to see more of. Residents were able to share images, video, or link to their favourite artworks along with written feedback to guide this city shaping work.

Image courtesy of the City of Wyndham Council

Client - City of Wyndham

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