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Catherine Nelson
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Wakehurst

T Projects recently commissioned Australian artist Catherine Nelson to transform a massive building wrap for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Wakehurst mansion house.

The Elizabethan Mansion, built in 1571-1590, set in the heart of the gardens, requires an extensive roof restoration to preserve the Grade I listed building. The project is one the most ambitious renovation projects in it's recent history.

With building work expected to last over two years, the building wrap has been transformed into the largest public art installation in the UK – creating a visitor’s attraction in its own right. Measuring over 1550m2, the artwork is the equivalent of 25 double decker buses, wrapping around 3 sides of the Mansion.

Catherine Nelson spent days photographing Wakehurst’s spectacular collection of plants and trees to create the mammoth photo montage that is ‘Planet Wakehurst’.

Lorraine Lecourtois, Wakehurst’s Head of Public Programmes says:

"We have never embarked on a commission of such magnitude at Wakehurst before. Where some may have seen the hoarding as an eyesore, we viewed this site as a unique canvas, giving us the amazing opportunity to platform Catherine’s beautifully striking work in the UK for the first time, and for visitors a new perspective on the incredible range of plants we nurture at Wakehurst. We hope this will form a new life-affirming experience that will leave our visitors feeling hopeful about the important conservation research we undertake here and demonstrates our intention to preserve Wakehurst’s historic heart for generations to come."

T Projects led the commissioning of this unique and exciting large scale public artwork. We undertook a global open call to artists, and we were delighted to receive an incredible response from all over the world, including artists from Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the USA.

Images courtesy of the artist

Watch the UK biggest public art installation being installed! 

Artist - Catherine Nelson

Client - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Wakehurst

Project Team - Building restoration by DBR Limited, complete temporary works design package by Agile Design Consultancy Ltd, scaffolding by D&R GROUP Plc, Building wrap & artwork printing by Lavastar

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