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The Importance of Impartiality

In this article we will begin to explore some of the values that we as a team at T Projects share and bring to the table. First up is the importance of impartiality...

On our webpages you can read that we are 'independent arts culture and creative placemaking consultants and producers'. The independent part of that statement is particularly important to us. The definition of independent is "free from outside control; not subject to another's authority...not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence."

For us as a company we are free from control or influence from any other individuals or organisations.

We do not represent or favour any particular art galleries.

We do not have 'favourites' or seek to work with the same artists again and again.

We do not represent or promote any specific artists.

We are not affiliated in any way with specific arts or further education organisations.

We treat each commission as an individual site specific, context specific, client specific project.

We strive to source the most appropriate artists and outcomes for our clients without any bias.

We maintain complete integrity and impartiality with regards to our artist selection.

With over 800 artists on file, we take time and care to find the most appropriate artists for each project. We do not try to place artists into projects that are not suited to their artistic practice. The project must be right for the artist and the artist must be right for the project.

Whenever possible, we do like to give lesser experienced artists opportunities to step up to projects which they may not have experience of in terms of scale and complexity. We know that with our collective experience and knowledge as a team, we have the opportunity to share our knowledge with the next generation of professional public artists.

We strongly believe that as curators we must not hold any conflicts of interest with the artists, fabricators, engineers, architects, or any other specialists that we work with. The selection of artists for public art commission opportunities should be fair and transparent and devoid of nepotism or any kind of favouritism conflicts of interest etc.

We do not work with friends or family. You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes just because your husband's, sister's, best friend's, neighbour made them... so why would you allow any such connection to influence, impact, or inform, the selection of an artist or concept for a major public art commission? Artists or artworks that are selected or preferenced under such influences are not going to be the best or fairest outcome in the long term.

We believe passionately in seeking the best outcomes for our clients but also for our artists. We believe artists should be always respected and properly paid, just as any other professional would be. Art is not a hobby and should not be treated as such. Art or creative services should never be expected for free, and artists should always be credited appropriately.

We do not take any percentage or 'kick back' from artists being commissioned. This would be clear conflict of interest. The average artist earns $48,400 a year, why should they be obliged to give any percentage of that to the curator/art consultant? Curatorial consultancy fees should come from the client and the client alone.

T Projects provides our clients with a diverse team, with wide ranging backgrounds. Collectively we provide our clients and projects with much greater experience and knowledge than we could as individuals. With the exception of Director, Victoria Jones, everyone in the team has other projects and roles. Each of us brings that experience to the table when contributing to T Project's work. We believe that this delivers a wider ranging perspective throughout project delivery to outcomes achieved.

Our approach is most definitely collaborative we like to work with our clients, as well as for our clients.

We believe that public art is for the public. For everyone. It should be democratic, and the selection and development of public art should be a truly democratic process. While we bring our specific, collective, expertise to the table, we do not believe in dominating the decision-making process without the contribution and engagement of our clients, and stakeholders.

Our pledge to both our clients and artists alike is that we will always strive for fair, transparent, conflict free processes and ultimately outcomes that will stand the test of time...

*DISCLAIMER: These blog posts are written by T Projects are not necessarily reflective of the position or opinions of any of our clients.


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